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Pelimaailma – Simulaattorimaailma

Experience the racing spirit

Simulator World is a rally driving based party and convention centre near Himos, in Jämsä. Our events are always private and our staff will be there guiding and helping you. The minimum group size is 6 people and we can handle events up to a total of 50 people.

On top of our simulator activities and other party games, we provide well-equipped and modern meeting facilities, a sauna and a high-quality catering service. Whether you want to organize a company event, a birthday party, a bachelor party or any other event in an unforgettable setting, Simulator World is a solid choice.

Ralliauto lentää tiellä – Simulaattorimaailma

The world’s fastest nation

Finland is known for its many successful and charismatic rally and F1 drivers. Finland has a long history in motorsports. In our Simulator World, you can get a thorough experience of this culture.

The most popular rally in Finland is Neste-Rally Finland. We are located near the famous and challenging Ouninpohja rally stage. We have exciting rally simulators where you can experience several different rally stages with hard curves and rough jumps. Six players can race together either in rally or rallycross. The most memorable experience can be attained with Force Dynamics 301 simulator where you can feel G-forces and car body movement while racing.

Kokoustilat – Simulaattorimaailma

A wide range of activities and services

In addition to racing simulators, we provide a selection of other thrilling activities such as shooting and sports simulators, traditional video games and since we are in Finland, karaoke.

In our Ferrari styled sauna, you can relax after racing. With the catering services upstairs we can arrange tasty food and drinks for you on our premises. You can also bring your own drinks and use our coolers!

Ralliauton kyydissä – Simulaattorimaailma

Hop in a real rally car

For the true adrenaline junkies, we offer an opportunity to hop in a real rally car. You can choose to get in with a professional driver and let him take you for a spin or even get in behind the wheel yourself!

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Timo Mäkinen Ouninpohja 1967 – Simulaattorimaailma
Timo Mäkinen Ouninpohja 1967 – Simulaattorimaailma
Timo Mäkinen Ouninpohja 1967 – Simulaattorimaailma
Timo Mäkinen Ouninpohja 1967 – Simulaattorimaailma
Timo Mäkinen Ouninpohja 1967 – Simulaattorimaailma